Wedding of Jessica and Luka

This was one of the weddings that we really love! It always great to work with talented, open and ready to participate people as Jessica and Luka. Moreover their creative approach to the reception and support by their great guests made the wedding really stand out of the crowd.

The ceremony was held on super hot summer day in January 2015 (as we found out later one of the hottest days in the year) at Araluen Botanic Park. So, the photoshoot that we started at about 2 pm had become a real challenge for the guys (well, and off course for us). However, they bare it easily, without any complaints :)

The idea for the reception was to wear costumes of different pop art heroes. It was supported by everyone which made the event unforgettable! 

Here is just a few pics from the wedding to let you feel how it looked like!


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