Every bride dreams of the perfect day; her husband-to-be, her family and friends gathering round, the flowers, cake and ceremony. But what about the bride herself? A beautiful portrait of the bride as she prepares to start a new life with the man she loves is a photograph she and her family will treasure forever. If there's one photograph the wedding photographer can't afford to miss, it’s the bridal portrait. Capturing the bride at her most radiant, in a romantic and beautiful setting, is what every good wedding photographer tries their hardest to achieve. When the bride sees her portrait, she will remember that special day, and how wonderful she felt, and will want to share that feeling, and the picture, with the world. Make sure your wedding photographer understands how important it is to you to have an amazing bridal portrait. Take your time, and get it right, and that way you will have this wonderful memory to look back on for the rest of your life.

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