Pregnancy is such a special time for every family, whether it is the first pregnancy or the third. The new little life is anticipated with such excitement; Mum and Dad discuss hopes and dreams for the new child, and siblings tell everyone how excited they are to meet their new brother or sister! Creative and beautiful maternity photographs capture these wonderful moments for everyone to enjoy reminiscing over. When the new little baby is all grown up, the whole family can look back on these beautiful photographs and remember what a special time it was. Nine months can seem like such a long time, but it goes very quickly, and once it's over if you forgot to take maternity photos you may feel you missed out! Make sure you can look back on these special moments with joy and appreciation; consider getting some maternity photographs taken some time between your eighth and ninth month to capture the mother-to-be in all her blossoming glory, and have a permanent way to remember the pregnancy. forever.

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