Children are one of the biggest blessings in our lives; from the minute they are born, we are captivated by them, and want to enjoy and savour every moment. The first steps are swallowed up and forgotten by the first words, and then they are off to kindly, then can we capture each moment so we don't forget it? Family portraits are the best way to catch these moments, so we can look back when they are older, and remember how little they were! A family photography session with a professional photographer who specializes in family portraits will not only provide a fun day out together as a family, but a permanent record of that happy memory to show to the grandparents, and perhaps pull out at their 21st if the hairstyles are particularly embarrassing!! An annual family portrait is a tradition worth continuing; it's become a tradition through the value of recording your family growing together, to be passed down to your grandchildren, along with the stories of your lives at that time.

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