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Wedding video

Q: Can I choose music for my clip?

A: As much as we’d love to give you this option, unfortunately we can’t do it due to the music licensing laws. We use only licensed music for our videos and most of the modern popular songs are out of reach to buy a license to use in a wedding video. There are online sources where we buy licenses for our wedding clips. You can browse through these libraries if you’d like and try to find something of your liking. Here they are:

Q: What about music that is played on my wedding? (bride walking down the isle/ first dance, etc)

A: We will keep this music in place in full wedding video (long film) which you will get with your package. 

You can find more info about music licensing on these websites:

Q: Do you do destination weddings?

A: Yes, we do destination weddings, however it will include extra traveling fee (depends on the location and wedding season, contact for a quote).

Q: What equipment do you use? How many cameras? How many cameramen?

A: We use professional Canon cinema video cameras (C100 mII) as our main cameras and also few other cameras (most of the time there are 4 cameras in use during the ceremony and reception), prime canon lenses, professional audio and different stabilising systems. There will be 2 camera operators on the wedding.

Q: How do you record sound?

A: We use several different ways of sound recording depending on wedding situation. Along with on camera shotgun microphones, we also record all the sound from the source (DJ’s mixer, celebrant’s speaker, etc), we mic up the groom and the celebrant during the ceremony, record ambient and spare sound on extra standalone recorders.

Q: What time do you start?

A: Depending on amount of coverage hours that you have in your package we will start at appropriate time to capture all the essential moments. Our standard coverage time is 10 hours. You can alway extend it though. 

Q: Can I exclude some of the features from the package and get lower price?

A: We don’t offer anything like this at the moment. The price is solid and includes everything that itemised in the description

Q: Will I get all the RAW footage?

A: You can get all the RAW materials for extra fee (may vary, contact for the info)

Q: Can I do editing myself to reduce the package price?

A: We don’t offer such a feature at the moment. We give away finished product which is wedding clip and longer film with all the essential moments from your wedding. We don’t cut off anything important. If you’d like to do editing by yourself you can buy RAW materials from us and do the editing.

Q: What’s turnaround time?

A: 4 months

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