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You are out with family or friends and desire to take good photos but cannot seem to get a good shot. Photography is an art and requires quite a few techniques to get a noteworthy, memorable shot. A good photo captures the moment, captures emotions and keeps the memory of the experience. Whether you are an amateur wanting to learn a few tips or you have a deep desire in taking up this the profession, a few tips from a professional will be of great service to you. One of the qualities that create interesting and artistic photos is creativity. Creativity in photography means playing around with the camera and the subjects of the photo in order to create shots that have artistic depth illusion or a theme to them. Creative photography is a niche in photography that is relatively new but is fast becoming the preferred choice for many. Many people having weddings are opting for creative photographers who not only capture the moments but also add a little spice by creating twists to their shots and perspectives in order to create outstanding shots for this once in a lifetime event. If you wish to try out creative photography, here are a few tips to get you started:

Move your camera

A traditional rule when it comes to photography and taking shots is that the camera should be perfectly still. This rule is what bore the need for stands and tripods to assist in this. Having the camera still while taking a shot ensures that the image remains sharp and in focus. However, in creative photography, you can actually move your camera to get an interesting shot.


Photojournalists, especially in sports employ a technique called panning. Panning involves moving the camera in direction of movement. Therefore, in an attempt to depict the motion, instead of having a blur on subject in motion and a steady background, you have a steady shot on the subject in motion but with a blur on the background. This presents a unique and great shot.


You could also try this to get a whirl in your photos. It is a simple technique, as you just need to move fast in a circle with your feet as your axis. You will be able to depict this circular motion in your shots, creating a good illusion for the eyes as well as a fantastic shot.

Throwing the camera

It does sound absurd, doesn't it? Every lover of photography would shake his or her head at this, but it is a technique worth trying. All you need is perfect timing (to capture the perfect shot) and an accurate catch (to get back your camera in one piece). You need a long shutter time so that the shot is made in mid-air. This is a perfect manoeuvre for things in a distance, or for things blocked by tall obstacles.

Zooming while shooting

This is also a great technique assured to get you interesting and fascinating shots. However, you will have to take multiple shots and have your object of focus in one position for you to get a good shot. The idea is zooming in and out repeatedly as you take the shots. The outcome of this is object in focus is very clear while the background fades away in a very interesting blur. This works best when you are working with a busy or highly textured background and you want to maintain the focus on the object.

From the ground

Most of the times, we capture with our cameras what first hit our eyes and got our attention. However, this is just once perspective to from which to take a shot. Have you ever thought of taking shots from the ground? This is one of the best perspectives to work with and you are sure to get interesting shots. All you need to do is to keep the camera low on the ground and take a shot from there. Moreover, if you do not mind getting a little dirty, it would be better if you could get on the ground and actually getting to see what you want to pick. With this, you also have the ability to play with different low angles as you take the shot.

From the air

Another great perspective for image capturing is aerial shots. Get to a high place and take the shot of what is below you, both directly and on the side. A good thing is that you are able to capture quite a lot that is on the ground at once as well as get a view than no one else could on normal level. A definite fact about this is that the higher you are, the more interesting it gets. The basic idea behind creative photography is being a risk taker and moving out of your comfort zone. At first, you may have very few good shots from it all; or it might even be hard to master the technique. However, when you finally getting it right, even you will be amazed by what you have captured!

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