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HI there!

A few words about EJ Creative photography, what it is, how it all started and where are we going.

It all started many years ago, a month after our own wedding. In those days, we both worked in IT sector and like many others amongst programmers and IT geeks we were amateur photographers who thought they knew everything about photography. We even were sure that we could produce better images than most of local professionals! Now it sounds funny :)

Of course, it was not true, however we both decided to try ourselves in the professional field and started work on weddings for our portfolio. Firstly as assistants and second shooters and then after some time we established our own photography team to shoot weddings. Since then, much time has passed.

We studied, practiced and improved our shooting and post-production skills. We started to try ourself in rental photography studios to learn more about how light works and to better understand portraiture basics. After a few years Elena ditched her job as a programmer and fully devoted herself to photography. John kept his job as an IT Manager on Weekdays, however all evenings and Weekends were about photo editing and photoshoots. Gradually, we took our place amongst the most popular and demanded wedding photographers in the region.

After moving to Australia a few years ago we established our new brand EJ Creative photography and happy to work for you guys!

Short film about Albany, WA

Some backstage

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